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The good news is that a great number of these movies are already available on Netflix. . As the David Bowie biopic Stardust is released, we take a look through the greatest music star portrayals – from Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday to Ian Curtis and.


James Mangold is. Mar 18, 2022 · Reps for Netflix, Warners and Bad Robot all declined comment. .

Synopsis: Oscar-winning star Cheadle plays the eccentric, unpredictable but supremely talented jazz musician Miles Davis. .

School of Rock.

By Valerie Ettenhofer / May 20, 2023 1:44 pm EST.

. Keith Richards: Under the Influence.

The Last Dance on Netflix. So Queen’s.

Dec 6, 2022 · Watch Here.

Take a look back at 25 of the best, featuring recent releases as well as beloved classics.

Music; Children's/Family; Platforms.

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By. . . Rolling Stone – Jun 27, 2018. .

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Set to be released on Netflix in 2022, the film's director Andrew Dominik (Killing Them Softly).

Barbra: The Music.